Nikhil Chopra

Nikhil Chopra’s (b.1974) artistic practice ranges between live art, theatre, painting, photography, sculpture and installations.

His performances, in large part improvised, dwell on issues such as identity, the role of autobiography, the pose and self-portraiture, reflects on the process of transformation and the part played by the duration of performance. Taking autobiographical elements as his starting point, Chopra combines everyday life and collective history; daily acts such as eating, resting, washing and dressing, but also drawing and making clothes, acquire the value of ritual, be- coming an essential part of the show. Chopra has been performing actively in the international art and theater scene since 2008.



Romain Loustau

Romain Loustau (b .982) is a French artist, who works and lives between Paris and Goa.

Romain studied drama and spent few years acting on stage and on camera. During which time he also collaborated with the French Parisian based collective Mu, specially as assistant scenography to Vincent Voillat for several editions of the festival “Filmer La Musique”. He has collaborated with some rock bands such as “Farewell Poetry”. Now Romain Loustau is dedicated to the development of HH Art Spaces with artists Madhavi Gore and Nikhil Chopra.



Madhavi Gore

Madhavi Gore (b.1976) is a visual artist whose practice engages painting and performance.

University was a journey exploring her parallel interests in history, fine art, and culture studies. She worked at Art India Magazine, and Chemould Prescott Road Gallery, Mumbai, and taught at Rachna Sansad College, Academy of Fine Art and Craft, Mumbai. Together with collaborators Nikhil Chopra and Jana Prepeluh, she leads THE BODYWORKSHOP, a studio-based traveling workshop on performance art.