About Open World 

In October 2014, HH Art Spaces opened its doors in India, implementing a new discussion about Performance Art there and gave opportunities to artists from all practices from all over the globe to share their ideas, start new dialogues and have a window to develop performative work in Goa. After a thrilling two years of exciting work, amazing discussions between artists, great events fed by rich and strong proposals in terms of creativity, we believe it is time to add another dynamic to HH Art Spaces. We know that the context is an important inspirational factor (within a month long residency). The geographical position, the surroundings, the culture, the traditions, the fashion, the architecture, all of this is incredible material for artists. It makes an ever greater meaning when it deals with Performance Art, in which the body, standing in the center of the creation process, is subject to such different policies around the world.Which is why HH Art Spaces is going to develop and propose every year, starting October 2016, a month or two residency program which takes place each time in a different part of the world. 

Lisbon, Portugal, the starting point of the « HH Art Spaces World Residency Program ». It seemed natural to us that the first residency would took place in Portugal. A way to reaffirm the importance of cultural links, generated from history, and the importance to have a clear and distant look upon our neverending mutating world.

HH Art Spaces settled, during the month of October 2016 in an old « quinta » (farm/studio spaces) in Cezaredas, a village, close to Lourhina, located on the « silver coast », 70kms north from Lisbon. The artists came and left during the month of October for a series of short term residencies to work on a piece that was displayed or performed at GivLowe gallery ( in Lisbon on the 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd of October.

HH Art Spaces presented at GivLowe the work of Adriana Disman (CAN), Sam Ford (EN), Ellie Johnson-Bullock, England, Uriel Barthélémi, (FR), Violeta Lisboa (PT), Nikhil Chopra (IN), Romain Loustau (FR), Dr(Dr)one / M, (FR), Amy Fung (CAN).

OPEN World is the vision of some who think that living today, as human, as artist, involves moving out…outside of our known territory, our own comfort zone, to shed our certainties, to discover and learn from who/what is close and far from us.